About us

Our story

In 2012 Tempus started building the technology platform for the future utility. This platform is based on the belief that technology innovation can deliver a lower cost energy system and reduce fossil fuel generation.

In early 2015 we started to use our technology in our own electricity supply business in the UK and we continue to develop and refine the platform in other international markets.

Why Flexibility?

Climate change is already happening. Too much of what we do requires fossil fuel generation which emits harmful carbon dioxide. Our company mission is to ensure that decarbonisation occurs at lowest cost to customers. We focus on clean, affordable and sustainable electricity through flexibility.

Our customers are empowered. They have smart controls and sensors to help them automatically avoid expensive periods and schedule all their flexible consumption at cheaper times. This reduces the cost of the energy system for all of us. The faster we become flexible, the faster we can all reduce costs and decarbonise our energy supply.

Tempus delivers as much value as possible to customers, partners and energy suppliers who want to take advantage of technology innovation and create the future energy system today.